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The finally official wantlist!

Dec. 5th, 2011 | 10:39 pm
mood: crazy crazy

So many things i want!
Let's start by the most important then it will be classed by brand.

Mostly this color (that would be a miracle!) or white O.o or idk as a jsk or a skirt! not the velvet one would be awsomer!

Preference : Op, jsk then skirt (skirt in lavender would be nice too!).

Mostly black but red also, then white , pink

In uhmm probably any color O.o (as long as i have something to match with it!)

Now there's no preference unless stated

Mostly pink but white is fine

Order: Black, purple or white

Red or pink

Pink or red

White or pink

Only in black

Blackxwhite or black

White or purple

Red or purple

White or purple

Order: Red, white then blackxwhite

White, red or purple

White or pink

Order: Red, white, black then purple

White or pink

Mostly pink (i don't remember the other colors)

Any color?

Mostly pink but will see other colors

Any color?

Order: Red, whitexblack then black

Order: Blackxwhite, blackxpink then whitexblack

Order: Pink, red then whitexblack

Red then pink

White or black

Blackxpink maybe whitexblue

Red then pink

Alice and the pirates

Jsk or skirt

Jsk or skirt Order: Blue, black, red maybe ivory

Mostly this jsk but the other one is fine

Jsk or skirt

Only with the striped shirt

Skirt or jsk

Order: Black, blackxwhite then red (Must fit size 23)

I can't find a picture of the skirt but i want it in black as well

White or black


Black or white

Angelic pretty

Blackxpink or blackxwhite, short or long

Black then white

Black then white

Blackxpurple or pinkxblack

Blackxpurple or pinkxblack

Order: Purple, red then blue

Order: Blackxwhite, blackxred then blackxblue

Pink, purple and maybe orange

Pink, purple and maybe orange

Pink or black

I'm open to many other things as well but that's mostly in the style that i'm looking for!

Taking a break?

Oct. 11th, 2011 | 12:39 pm

Urh! i won't be coming here for at least two or three weeks! moving, job and everything i'm over busy =/ soooo yeah


Aug. 29th, 2011 | 11:44 pm
location: Canada, Quebec
mood: amused amused
music: 1, 2, 3, day - Little Non

Hello there!

I've never actually posted something in my own journal xD
So here you go!

I made chocolate cupcakes with a choco-hazelnut ganache inside last week!
But this one was the perfect cutess one i've made!
I added a bit of cookies crumble on it! and a heart (for my boyfriend!)
So here's the result!

I'm happy i was able to get a good picture of it!
Sadly the day i had to bring it to him i had to take the bus for like 45 minutes and it ended up uhm not looking at all like this T___T"

I got my lesson! next time i need to get a cupcake box -_-"!


Jan. 12th, 2011 | 11:03 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy
music: None

Sooo i'm new here =3 and uhm still don't know what to say XD
Hai! X3~